Exhibition: "Critical models: Jujol and modernity"

Science Week
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The display, curated by lecturer Guillem Carabí, consists of a selection of seven models of works of the architect Josep Maria Jujol, that have been developed by the students of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture during the first half of the academic year 2018-2019.

The models are used as an instrument of analysis, disassembly and assembly of a work of architecture in which the dimensions, materials, scale and context are drastically reduced. Analysing the works from these premises is equivalent to selecting, reinterpreting and adapting a discourse that does not seek a final image, but the articulation of the resources the student perceives are necessary to understand the architectural work. 

This exhibition was exhibited, originally, at the Jujol-Can Negre Centre (Sant Joan Despí) from 26 September and 13 October as one of the central acts of the “140 Years Jujol “organised by the Sant Joan Despi Council.


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