Foros 2018. Itziar González Virós: "The social Ramblas"

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture’s Foros lecture series, a can’t miss event for members of the architecture community, the new edition of which has been organised in cooperation with BBC Construmat. From 26 February to 7 May, six industry professionals and academics will pay the University’s Aula Magna a visit and share their views on the concept of innovation in architecture.

Under the title “Plural Innovations”, this new edition will underscore the need to expand the field of architecture. In this regard, innovation emerges as the first element in the expansion process, from an open, plural perspective, pushing the discipline to transcend its traditional limits. This year, Foros 2018 has been co-organised by School lecturer Miquel Lacasta, together with Marc Chalamanch and Carmen Santana, the three members of the studio Archikubik.

March the 5th a lecture will be given by Itziar González Virós. Holder of a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona (ETSAB/UPC), 1995. She completed her Final Degree Project on Christiania at the School of Architecture in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. She founded her own professional studio in Barcelona in 1996, where she specialises in urban decline, the optimisation of public housing and the restoration of historic urban centres and rural structures. Since 2002, she has specialised in mediation and conflict resolution between the general public and public authorities, using design and by promoting citizen involvement in matters relating to urbanism and public works. She was elected councillor for the Ciutat Vella district of the city of Barcelona, a position she held from June 2007 to May 2010. Since October 2012, she has been actively engaged in social movements, and is a founding member and president of the advocacy group ParlaMent Ciutadà and director of the ReVolta Cartographic Institute. She recently won an international contest to draft the action strategies and urban development project for La Rambla in Barcelona. 

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