Installation in “La Model” prison. A rendezvous in cell #308

Science Week
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On display from 9 to 18 November in the foyer of the Alpha building.

As part of Science Week, and tying in with the European Year of Cultural Heritage, UIC Barcelona is offering a second chance to see this exhibit which was part of the Ús Barcelona Festival, held in October in the former La Model prison in Barcelona. The festival aimed to salvage disused spaces in the city. 
UIC Barcelona School of Architecture was the only school that participated in the event with this installation, curated by lecturers Josep Lluís i Ginovart, Joan Trias de Bes, Maria Barcina and Ana Cocho-Bermejo. It is the result of the work of ten students from the Design Studio 3 & 4 subject.  

The projects were part of the “Jail Lab” section of the festival and were visited by hundreds of people in cells 307, 308 and 309 of La Model. These projects give careful thought to the future of the prison and contemplate redeveloping it into social housing, creating a memorial museum or providing the city with a new cultural space.

The foyer of the Alpha building. Barcelona Campus.
School of Architecture