IV Conference on Teaching Humanities at Baccalaureate Level

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Research projects:  Science or fiction?

Throughout this event we aim to think about and hold debates on the various difficulties that arise when undertaking research projects as part of the upper-secondary school humanities track:  How do schools plan this activity?  How is the topic chosen in each case and discipline?  How can we encourage students to work?  What methodologies should be used in each case?  What materials should be used?  What type of monitoring is undertaken or should be undertaken? How are these types of projects analysed suitably? 

Renowned experts and professors will help us to reflect and hold a debate on these and other subjects that can subsequently be applied in the classroom and also in schools. 

3.15 p.m

Welcome session

3.45 p.m

Opening event by Albert Moya, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona and Josefina Cambra, Dean of the Official Catalan Association of Doctors and Holders of Degrees in Philosophy and the Arts. 

4.00 p.m 

Round table. Research projects: Science or fiction?

  • Sagrari Fernández, El Cairat, Esparreguera
  • Jordi Benet, Betania Patmos school
  • Marco Pepiol, CIC Cultural Institution
  • Martín Curiel, Xaloc school

Moderator: Xavier Ibàñez. San Gregorio school

6.00 p.m 

Coffee break

6.30 - 8.00 p.m

Simultaneous workshops. Block I

A. Research work in the field of linguistics and literature. What is and what is not a research project in the arts? Gerard Segura, Sunion school

B. Research projects on philosophy based on experiences in national and international upper-secondary education, Ignacio Llobera, SEK-Catalunya

More information:

Campus Barcelona. The Saló de Graus Room and Alfa 501 - 502 classrooms
Faculty of Huumanities and Col·legi Oficial de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres i en Ciències de Catalunya