Foros 2020 | Klaus: 10 years of architecture, satire, and cartoons

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Since Klaus launched his blog “Klaustoon” in 2009, he has spent a good part of the last decade mocking various aspects of architecture: the “star system”, its history and practice, its daily reality or the academic world surrounding it.

On 29 January, Klaus will kick off this year’s Foros lecture series with the lecture “Klaus: 10 years of architecture, satire and cartoons.” In his lecture, he will take us through his career as an illustrator, from his earliest cartoons chronicling life at Harvard Graduate School of Design, to his work published in architecture magazines such as Uncube, A10, Arquine and Architectural Design.

Woven into this, he will also discuss the role of satire and cartoons within architectural critique and the overlap of his work as an illustrator with his academic career as a teacher of architecture and historian.

Klaus’ work (Koldo Lus Arana) has been published in numerous architectural magazines and has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions. He is a lecturer of the University of Zaragoza School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA), where he studies the interactions between architecture and the media, as well as urban visions of the future in architecture and the visual arts.

This year, Foros, an annual series of lectures about architecture, revolves around the title “Co-benefits”. Seven professionals and academics will discuss the links and the cultural interaction between contemporary architecture and other artistic forms such as dance, sculpture, film and comics.

Language: English

Free admission.

Aula Magna
UIC Barcelona School of Architecture