Online seminars: “Family policies and children’s rights in times of COVID-19”

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We’re celebrating the International Day of Families and therefore, the Childcare and Family Policies Chair (Childcare and Family Policies Chair), an initiative launched by the Institute of Advanced Family Studies (IESF) who works in collaboration with the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation, has organised a series of online seminars.
“Family policies and children’s rights in times of COVID-19”
The outbreak of COVID-19, far from placing society on a level playing field, has generated significant inequalities in terms of social class and age groups. On the International Day of Families, two of these groups merit discussion, on either end of the life cycle: children and the elderly.  Little has been said about them and their rights, although over the past few weeks people are starting to speak out regarding the quality of life they deserve.  
As such, there have been two main branches of debate: children’s right to go outside, take a walk, breathe fresh air and the right to continue their education. However, many other questions still remain unanswered. That’s why, we want to dedicate this day to focusing especially on children’s rights in times of COVID-19.
The debate on 8 July will be conducted by two members of PINCAT, an entity representing 21 federations for children which work in very diverse areas (leisure, disability, child protection, mental health, etc.).
  • Carmen Grifoll, director of the Nou Barris Foundation for Mental Health and representative of the Federation of Mental Health Forum at PINCAT, will take part in the online seminar. The Nou Barris Foundation is a private body that work with the 0-18-year-old population of the Nou Barris district and provides services for the Catalan Health Service. Carme Grifoll is also vice-president of the Mental Health Forum and a collaborating lecturer on the Master's Degree in Community Mental Health (UAB).
  • Miguel Àngel Carreto is director of Actúa. He has been an advisor to the Social Services at Barcelona Provincial Council where he has worked to accompany local government and local government technicians to start or enhance projects for socio-educational care with children and young people. He is currently leading the initiative aimed at generating strategies for the integral development of projects relating to children, providing a comprehensive and comprehensive vision that takes into account democratic governance, transparency of management, social, environmental and economic responsibility.
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