Roundtable: “Hate, violence, and crime on social networks: How much, when, how and why?”

Round table
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Roundtable: “Hate, violence, and crime on social networks:  How much, when, how and why?” organised by the Faculty of Law with Centro CRÍMINA through Proyecto CiberHache.


Time: from 1 to 2:25 p.m. 

Presentation of the round table by Dr José R. Agustina, Director of the Master’s degree in Cyber-delinquency in the Faculty of Law at UIC Barcelona. 


    • “Research and the persecution of punishable hate speech: To what extent does freedom of speech exist?”
      Miguel Ángel Aguilar

      Fiscal Coordinator of the Hate Crimes Service

    • “Five days of hate: The taxonomy of violent communication and hate on the Internet after the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo”
      Fernando Miró Llinares

      Full Professor of Criminal Law at the Miguel Hernández University and Director of the Crímina Centre

    • “A portrait of jihadism today and the communication techniques it uses”
      Eduardo Martín de Pozuelo

      Investigative Journalist for La Vanguardia and author of a book entitled “Objetivo: califato universal”



* This roundtable is part DER2014-53449-R project entitled “Incitación a la violencia y discurso del odio en Internet. Alcance real del fenómeno, tipologías, factores ambientales y límites de la intervención jurídica frente al mismo” of Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The Saló de Graus room. Campus Barcelona
Faculty of Law