Seminar “Living as a family: being different and growing together”

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Friday 7 February

– 5.45 p.m. Welcome 

– 6.00 p.m. Practical session: Men and women, how different are we?

How and when do we discover ourselves as men or women? Is this difference merely a cultural one? In what ways is it shown?

– 7.00 p.m. Talk "Male and female: meaning of the difference given" by Mariolina Ceriotti Migliarese*

Is difference synonymous with inequality? Are male and female two ways of being in the world?

8.00 p.m. Question Time

Saturday 8 February

– 10.15 a.m. Welcome

– 10.30 a.m. Practical session: Paternity/maternity: the difference that reveals who we are

Is a "unigender" family possible? What is the family's role in the distinction of gender? How can the school help the family to fulfil its role?

– 11.30 a.m. Talk "Educating complementarity in the family given" by Mariolina Ceriotti Migliarese*

What relationship do fatherhood and motherhood have with married life? In what sense does the family reveal who you are as a man or as a woman?

– 1.45 p.m. Question and answer session and close of seminar

* Dr Mariolina Ceriotti Migliares is a doctor, and a specialist in child neuropsychiatry. She is a well-known psychotherapist for adults and couples, and also the author of several books: Erótica y materna, Masculino and La familia imperfecta. She currently lives and works in Milan, where she is married and the mother of six children.

Aula Magna
Organize: Institute for Advanced Family Studies