“Women in science” exhibition

Science Week
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On loan from Dr Enric Ramiro, author of the project and lecturer at Universitat Jaume I. 

On display from 9 to 18 November in the entrance hall of the Alpha building. 

The exhibition “Women in science” is an authorised reproduction of a deck of cards paying tribute to 52 pioneering women scientists. The deck of cards has the four classic suits of French playing cards: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Each of these suits include thirteen ranks depicting thirteen different women. The two jokers depict the Pythagoras Society at Croton and the House of Wisdom of Baghdad.

Each card shows a female scientist with the following information: her name and surname, date of birth and death and a brief description of the importance of her scientific work. 

This deck of cards has been edited by the Equality Unit at Universitat Jaume I. If you would like to buy one, you can get in contact with the authors and staff at the following e-mail address: unitat-igualtat@uji.es

Alpha Building. Barcelona Campus.
UIC Barcelona