Spiritual Care

At Cuides UIC Barcelona, the spiritual dimension is one of the fundamental cornerstones of palliative care, with a focus on four areas: Spiritual care, physical care, psychological care and emotional care.

In exploring the spiritual needs of people and their families suffering from serious illness, we often find questions about the meaning and purpose of life, hopes, fears (of patients, families, and related to the environment). For those who attach a profound religious meaning to these aspects it can be very useful to have a person who understands, hears and helps them at this time in their life.

Although members of the multidisciplinary team in Cuides UIC Barcelona can address spiritual needs during the disease process, the Clinic offers a Chaplaincy service for spiritual needs and to administer the holy sacrament to patients and those accompanying them who also wish to take part. The Cuides UIC Barcelona pastor is available to talk and offer the necessary support to everyone, whether religious or not. If the patient holds another religious faith other than Catholicism, the priest may transfer their request to the appropriate person so they can receive the spiritual support they need.

Chaplaincy contact details