The University Dental Clinic offers dental offices, distributed among three general practice clinics and one specialised in surgery, accommodating five offices.

  • Integrated TV circuits to monitor procedures.
  • Waiting room accommodating 50 people.
  • Each office is equipped with x-ray machines, and Internet connections to enable the dentists to consult x-ray charts. Each office contains intraoral x-ray devices in order to carry out lateral and frontal intraoral x-rays of the cranium, as well as a digital system for the recording of x-rays.
  • Sterilisation system for used medical materials.
  • Prosthetics laboratory for students on work experience programmes.
  • Prosthetics laboratory for students following specialised courses (in prosthetics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.)
  • Microscopes for students or practitioners of endodontics.