Oral Surgery

In the University Dental Clinic in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, we have a three year training programme for dentists, which allows them to specialise in Oral Surgery. 

Oral surgery also includes the surgical procedures or techniques that involve the maxillary and mandibular bones, the tissue that supports the teeth (the alveolar bone, the periodontal ligament and the gums), as well as the teeth.

Some of the most regular types of oral surgery include tooth extractions, including the extraction of wisdom teeth, managing infection and pathologies in the oral cavity.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth tend to appear after the age of 16 and require a dental appointment in order for them to be evaluated, since they can often cause problems due to their growth.

Is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth?

It is recommended that you have a check-up in order to evaluate their presence and position and thus evaluate the need for their extraction in order to avoid problems in the future.

It is recommended that they be extracted, for various reasons:

  1. When they cause discomfort and this is repetitive: pain, repeated infections, and caries in neighbouring molar teeth due to bad hygiene or injuries in the gums surrounding it due to rubbing.
  2. Another regular situation is caused by the fact the teeth are badly positioned or pushed together, and orthodontic treatment needs to be facilitated.  In these cases, a diagnosis and treatment plan designed alongside an orthodontist is necessary in order for you to be correctly treated. 
  3. The extraction of your wisdom teeth tends to occur in the University Dental Clinic (CUO), which is correctly equipped, as an outpatient and under local anaesthetic.  In some cases they can be extracted under sedation in order to reduce the anxiety patients feel about certain treatments.
  4. Correct planning and necessary x-rays are undertaken under the prescription of the surgeon in the clinic itself for any oral surgery.

Why the UIC Barcelona Clinic?

In the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya we have a team of professionals who are trained in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery who are capable of creating a diagnosis and undertaking treatment for any pathology within the oral cavity. 

We also have the infrastructure and next generation technology that is necessary for the treatment of dental problems