At the CUO, teaching and innovation go hand in hand. This is why, when the clinic is contemplating making new investments, the most important priority is always the training of the students. Although the financial success of the clinic and the quality of patient-care are of great importance to us, our paramount concern must always be the education of our students.

Therefore, when students from the UIC complete their studies, they should be capable of mastering the broadest possible range of the market’s main technologies.

In addition, the fact that we have approximately 4,000 visits a month from patients with very diverse illnesses and symptoms enables us to point each one of them towards the most appropriate area of treatment. In this way the patient is treated by the specialist of the respective area and the student acquires valuable experience in the field in which he or she has just been training.

Undergraduate students in the last two years of the Dentistry degree and students of masters’ degrees carry out their work experience programmes at the CUO.