Mission Leadership: Seminar on Perfecting Leadership

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The Chair in Mission Leadership and Corporate Governance which is attached to the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at UIC Barcelona has again organised a conference. This one is entitled "Mission Leadership:  Seminar on Perfecting Leadership".

During the seminar the following objectives will be discussed: 

  1. How to achieve greater commitment in workers.
  2. How to learn to use the necessary tools to generate change with a focus on missions.
  3. How to learn about the latest trends in the strategic and organisational fields.
  4. How to develop shared leadership in the company and/or department.
  5. How to improve performance levels in your company.

The seminar will be carried out via different methods of teaching that are suitable for training leaders: colloquium conferences, practical case studies and workshops. 


Attendees will receive an accreditational diploma awarded by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Prerequisites & admissions

Who is aimed at?

These conferences are aimed at General Directors, Division Directors, owners, entrepreneurs, academics and researchers.


Registration must be completed via the admissions application