Degree in Journalism + BA in MC With Concentration in Journalism

We give a voice to what needs to be told
Type of programme
Official degrees
8 semesters
240 ECTS totales (240 cursados y 0 convalidados)
€152.00 / ECTS x 60 = €9,120.00* (1st academic year 2022-2023). *Subject to change each year. Ask the payment conditions with our Admissions team.
Catalan, Spanish and English
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double bachelor's degree in journalism and ba in mass communication
We are passionate people, we are journalists

Prepare for more job opportunities

At UIC Barcelona, we teach you the skills necessary to successfully adapt to the job market.

  • TV presenter
  • Radio journalist
  • Writer
  • Reporter and correspondent
  • Head of Press
  • Institutional Communicator
  • Research Journalist
  • Multimedia content creator
  • Network information management expert
  • Political communication adviser
  • Journalist at a communication office
teaching staff of the double bachelor's degree in journalism and ba in mass communication

Professors and lecturers with long experience in the communication sector

The Faculty’s teaching body consists of lecturers and professors who are also active in the private sector and who have long experience in the audiovisual, journalism and advertising sectors. The teaching staff are all in direct contact with the daily reality of this profession, since they combine their executive roles in the media with teaching in the Faculty. This allows students to achieve an education that is at the cutting-edge of the sector, that facilitates work placements and allows for greater labour insertion. Also, the teaching staff have extensive research experience at both a national and international level acquired through visits to and exchanges with other universities.

With this degree, you can study part of the curriculum or do your internship abroad, with academic recognition

Participate during one semester or year at one of your faculty's partner universities, or search for a business abroad for your internship.

Get part of your ECTS during the summer at the Berkeley Summer Sessions, the best public university in the world, or achieve an international double degree at IONA College (Nova York).


The double degree in Journalism and BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism will be studied between Barcelona and New York. This four-year programme offers students the opportunity to take a further year at Iona College New York and obtain a fully international education. Students who choose this option will obtain a Degree in Journalism from UIC Barcelona, and a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism from Iona College

Both degree programmes will receive official recognition: the Degree in Journalism, as an official degree in Spain, and the BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism, as an official qualification in the United States.  This means that students on this double degree will be able to develop their professional career both in Europe and the United States.

Students who take this double degree will learn to identify and evaluate potential news stories that will make an impact, inform and build loyalty among different audiences.  You will learn to tell stories based on analysis, audience and all the communication tools you have available. The opportunity to study in the United States will allow you to perfect your writing skills in English in terms of news items, as well as offer you the opportunity to undertake work experience there.

Programme advantages

  1. Two official degree in four years
  2. Language proficiency
  3. The opportunity to receive additional training and undertake work experience both nationally and internationally
  4. The development of an international professional career
  5. Specialisation
  6. A full and multidisciplinary education
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