International Master's degree in Oral Surgery

Type of programme
3 academic years
English (secondary language: Spanish)
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Academic accreditation

  • An International Master's degree in Oral Surgery: 180 ECTS

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to deal with highly complicated cases both in terms of surgery and implantology. With this objective in mind, students will receive a high-quality education both at a theoretical and practical level, as well as in the area of research. In the field of implantology, not only will the students look at surgery, they will also receive training in the areas of case planning, guided prosthodontic surgery and rehabilitation.


International Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery (IMOS) focuses on oral surgery techniques. IMOS provides students with basic and advanced surgery skills in oral surgery. The aim of this programme is to be a comprehensive complement for dentists focused on oral surgery. After graduating from IMOS, students should be able to manage complex oral surgery and clinical cases of implantology. IMOS students will receive a high level of THEORETICAL and practical training in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical management of oral surgical pathology over the three consecutive years. They will also achieve advanced research skills. In the field of implant dentistry, IMOS will not only cover surgical aspects, but also pre-surgical planning, prosthetic guided surgery, and rehabilitation.




In order to join the Master’s course students must bring the following equipment with them:

1. General Instrumental:

  • SLR digital camera with flash override
  • Game of mirrors and contrastador (black background) for intraoral photography.
  • Laptop.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Optional: Magnification.
  • To access the CUO every student will be expected to wear a protective face screen and use total protection goggles, except if they are wearing prescription glasses or magnifying loupes, in which case the total protection glasses will not be necessary.

2. Surgical Instruments:

  • Scalpel handle No. 7 (16cm) for 10 to 15 sheets
  • Clips gillis (1 with teeth, 1 without teeth)
  • Adson Forceps (1 with teeth, 1 without teeth)
  • Separators Farabeuf
  • 1 Langenbeck separator
  • 1 Separator minesota
  • Abrebocas rubber wedges (medium and large)
  • Periosteal howard (one wide and one narrow)
  • Needle Holder 15cm tungsten tip
  • Mosquito Forceps (with teeth and toothless)
  • Curved Mayo scissors 1
  • 1 dissecting scissors 14cm Metzembaum
  • 1 legra two small sides
  • One middle two sides curette
  • 1 straight punch small
  • 1 straight punch medium
  • 1 set of winters pointy
  • 1 set of lifters pott
  • Field clamps 4
  • Allis forceps 1
  • 1 dental mirror
  • 1 syringe of anesthesia Uniject
  • 1 tongue depressor
  • 1 clamp gouge angled 15 cm
  • 1 periodontal probe
  • Surgical cassette

3. Instrumental Prostheses:

  • Lecron.
  • Electric wax spatula.
  • Great appetizer.
  • Small appetizer.
  • 6 or more complete sets of natural teeth (incisors, canines, premolars and molar).
  • 3 Sets exploration: 2 mirrors, 1 clamp, 1 exploration and periodontal probe.
  • Hammer sacapuentes Antoghyr manually.
  • Cement spatula.
  • Spatula retraction cord, Brand ROEKO, Ref. 520 001.
  • Spatula composite.
  • Spatula wax.
  • Glass tile.
  • Alginate cup and spatula.
  • Cup and spatula plaster.
  • Cup of gum resin.
  • Caliper. 3.17. 2 Syringes of anesthesia (Uniject).
  • Pliers Angle.
  • 2 Mosquitos.
  • 1 Koher.
  • Straight scissors.
  • Miller clamp.
  • Semi-adjustable articulator mark ARTEX (Option to purchase at the UIC Barcelona). 3.24. Rotary Material: Turbine, adapter, handpiece, handpiece, micromotor,instrument box (Hu - Friendly DIN IMDIN Ref. 13).
  • Modeling wax.
  • Metal thickness meter (Ninstrom).
  • Set for waxed PK (Pk 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Cutter.

Prerequisites & admissions

Admission criteria

  1. Personal interview: The personal interview will be carried out with the coordinator, director and professors of the Master’s degree. Academic merits will be valued, as will the ability to work in a team and professional experience.
  2. Theoretical test: Theory test of multiple choice answers about oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  3. English test: This involves reading a text in English and then summarising it. An oral exam (First Certificate level recommended).

Required documentation

  1. Pre-enrolment form.
  2. A certified copy of the relevant undergraduate degree*.
  3. Transcript of grades (original or certified copy)*.
  4. Photocopy of National Identity Document (DNI) or passport.
  5. Receipt for payment of €90 by bank transfer**.
  6. Curriculum vitae with courses and conferences attended.
  7. Letter/s of recommendation.

*For students from outside the European Union, both the academic record and the degree certificate must be processed through diplomatic channels or bear The Hague Apostille.

Candidates in the last year of their degree programme must provide a list of the qualifications they obtained before their registration date.

**Processing fees are non-refundable

Please send your documents to:

Ms Cristina Junquera

Ms Paola Lago   
Faculty of Dentistry
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Hospital General Building
C/ Josep Trueta, s/n
08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Grants & financial aid


Members of UIC Alumni are entitled to a 5% discount.