Total Immersion Course in Apical Microsurgery

Type of programme
Specialization courses
between 02-06-2022 and 04-06-2022
€1,000.00 / ECTS x 2 = €2,000.00. *Prices corresponding to the 2021-2022 academic year.
Thursday 2 june: 3.00pm to 7.00pm friday 3 june: 09.00am to 7.00pm saturday 4 june: 09.00am a 7.00pm
Spanish (secondary language: English)
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The current success rates of apical microsurgery are around 90%, which has made this technique increasingly common and with a better prognosis than in years gone by. There is an ever-increasing demand from patients intent on saving their teeth, and this procedure provides highly predictable results. Thus, apical microsurgery has positioned itself as an indispensable basic technique for any dental surgery. Figures show that apical microsurgery accounts for approximately 3% of the work performed in any general dental practice. 

The basic concepts explained by the course are those of apical microsurgery itself and also periradicular microsurgery. The former basically covers apicoectomy and retrograde obturation, while the latter takes in lateral root surgery and how to deal with amputations and fractures, hemisections and also intentional replantation and transplants. 

Students will have access to the latest and most innovative materials as well as the use of one microscope each during practical sessions. All of this takes place in completely secure conditions as part of a reduced-size class. Additionally, the teaching staff in charge will perform a live apical surgical procedure which will be broadcast and explained to all the students in the classroom.

Prospective students

The Total immersion course in apical microsurgery is aimed at those professionals (stomatologists and dentists) who wish updating and broadening their knowledge in the field of endodontics.



Course objectives

  1. To know how to assess the degree of difficulty of an endodontic case and implement the correct planning.

  2.  To be able to use new technologies which apply directly to the field of apical surgery.

  3.  To encourage work under magnification (dental microscope).

  4.  To teach the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques of apical microsurgery.

  5.  To master the technique used in both simple and complex cases.

  6.  To know how to produce 3D guides for difficult-to-access apical lesions.

Competences the student will acquire

  • The total immersion course in apical microsurgery provides a solid base for initiation into this technique, as well as updating students on the new protocols and materials that have emerged in recent years.
  • The idea is for students take a major step forward in their endodontic treatments, thereby giving another chance to teeth that are otherwise often extracted. It is a theoretical-practical course in which students can practice in vitro with a wide range of materials under the constant supervision of a teacher. This allows students to compare and see which techniques or materials are the most ideal for dealing with more complex cases.
  • As with any other dental technique, digital planning has led to a revolution in the field of apical microsurgery. Students will be able to carry out accurate and appropriate 3D planning through the demonstration of a variety of clinical cases.
  • Once the total immersion course in apical microsurgery is completed, students will be well equipped to judge how to deal with the majority of surgical interventions, especially those involving apical microsurgery, lateral root microsurgery, hemisections and amputations, as well as intentional replantation and transplants.

Course coordination

  • Dr. Francesc Abella
  • Dr. Guillermo Doria


The course will be a mixture of theoretical sessions, practical sessions, case study discussions and 3D planning sessions for different clinical situations. To pass the course, students will have to complete all of their in vitro practical work which will subsequently be discussed with the course teaching staff. 

  • Day 1: Introduction to apical microsurgery (from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.)
  • Day 2: Apical microsurgery from “a” to “z” (from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)
  • Day 3: Advanced apical microsurgery (from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.) 

Day 1: Introduction to apical microsurgery (from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.)


3 p.m - 4 p.mAccreditation and presentation of the programme. Operating microscope in the field of surgery (from MACRO to MICRO)

4 p.m - 5 p.mPreoperative considerations

5 p.m - 5:30 p.mCoffee break

5:30 p.m - 7 p.mDecision-making criteria (orthograde retreatment vs. surgical retreatment)


Day 2: Apical microsurgery from “a” to “z” (from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)


9 a.m - 11 a.mAnaesthesia and 3D planning for surgery

11 a.m - 11.30 a.mCoffee break

11.30 a.m - 2 p.mHaemostasis, flap design and osteotomy in different clinical situations

2 p.m - 3 p.mLunch

3 p.m - 4 p.mPiezosurgery applications in apical microsurgery

4 p.m - 4.30 p.mCoffee break

4.30 p.m - 7 p.mPractise on in-vitro teeth: removal of intraconduct materials and placement of retracted materials


Day 3: Advanced apical microsurgery (from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.) 


9 a.m - 11 a.mBone defects. Bone fillers and membranes. Post-apical surgery complications (apical surgery and retreatment)

11 a.m - 11.30 a.mCoffee Break

11.30 a.m - 2 p.mReabsorptions and perforations (orthograde and surgical approach). Endo-perio relationships

2 p.m - 3 p.mLunch

3 p.m - 5 p.mLive broadcast of apical microsurgery

5 p.m - 5:30 p.mCoffee Break

5.30 p.m - 7 p.m Performing apical surgeries on pig heads


Study programme and subjects 2021-2022

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Total Immersion Course in Apical Microsurgery Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 2
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
  • Term: calendar period
  • (a): subjects which are taught in English


  • Dr. Fernando Durán-Sindreu
  • Dr. Francesc Abella
  • Dr. Guillermo Doria
  • Dr. Marc García


Prerequisites & admissions

  • To be a stomatologist or dentist.