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Turn lectures into a classroom in which the students are actively involved in the learning process. That is the aim of the Flipped Classroom approach, which you will have the chance to experience first-hand in this course. Work will be divided into two environments: home and the classroom.  As a result, with this workshop, you will have an opportunity to see and take part in activities designed for both spaces.


  • To become familiar with the Flipped Classroom approach to teaching and compare it to the traditional model
  • To learn to identify applications for the flipped model
  • To produce materials for inverting the class and designing your own flipped model

Intended for

Education professionals (primary and secondary school teachers, directors and coordinators) interested in finding out more about this instructional model.


Taught by

Iñaki Fernández

Additional material

Course dossier


The course will alternate on-site classes with online work.


Faculty of Education. Terré, 11-19