Supporting Diversity in the Classroom

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This course will focus on the concepts and tools necessary for understanding, learning and addressing, in an inclusive manner, the needs of students who are unable to keep up with the pace of learning for reasons ranging from learning difficulties and functional impairment to behavioural issues and trouble adapting.

With the help of case studies and practical activities, you will learn how to programme activities and create a suitable context for working with all students.


  • To acquire the knowledge necessary to better manage diversity and promote equal opportunities from an inclusive perspective.
  • To learn to identify the principles of the inclusive paradigm and recognise the educational practices which support diversity in the classroom.
  • To learn to analyse habitual practices and empower yourself as a teacher.
  • To gain in-depth knowledge of active methodologies that promote inclusiveness.

Intended for

Primary and secondary school teachers


Taught by

Professionals from the Talita Foundation, experts in the integration and inclusion of children and young people with intellectual disabilities

Additional material

Course dossier


The course will alternate lectures and case studies with the analysis of articles and practical activities.


Faculty of Education. Terré, 11-19