Think you know how you teach? Improve your teaching through self-evaluation

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The aim of any teacher should be to focus on teaching students not on instruction. Self-evaluation is a basic requirement for understanding the difference between how we teach and how we could teach. With this course, you will learn ways to improve your teaching through self-evaluation.


To provide practical theory-based knowledge that will help you evaluate how you teach, i.e. to optimise anything you feel you are not doing properly.

Intended for

  • Education professionals (primary and secondary school teachers, university lecturers, educational psychologists, etc.)
  • Trainee teachers
  • Staff interested in teaching


Taught by

Dr Ramon Cladellas Pros

Additional material

Computer and projections


The methodology combines theoretical explanations by the teacher with practical activities that include viewing and analysing audiovisual material. The course does not use one single methodology, but takes a varied approach, using everything from interactive explanations to functional/practical work. You will play a key role, taking on the role of teacher with a view to improving the way you teach.


Faculty of Education. Terré, 11-19