Postgraduate in Innovation Law

Study the most innovative areas of law
Type of programme
Postgraduate degrees
between 04-10-2022 and 27-04-2023
€250.00 / ECTS x 15 = €3,750.00. *Prices corresponding to the 2023-2024 academic year.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m.
Spanish and English
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The only Spanish-language postgraduate degree that works with organisations from world-class innovation ecosystems

The innovation ecosystem (organisations, business angels, etc.) is one of the most cutting-edge and active fields both in the Spanish market and in other countries. Law firms are increasingly seeking professionals who are trained and skilled in matters such as digital and technological law.


In today's world, technology has become a fully integrated part of our daily lives and businesses, and especially the economy, require legal specialists capable of addressing the global challenges faced by the knowledge economy. ​

Gain cross-disciplinary knowledge to tackle challenges associated with innovation, including both traditional law and new challenges that lawyers must face when working with clients. 


  1. To provide a practical, global and first-hand perspective of innovation ecosystems from professionals working in the field.
  2. To gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in both law firms and in the legal departments of innovative companies.

Who is this course aimed at? Prospective students

  • Law graduates interested in broadening their knowledge on legislation associated with innovation. Students studying the University Master’s Degree in the Legal Profession at UIC Barcelona have the option to study both programmes simultaneously.
  • Business administration and management (ADE) graduates who want to specialise in an innovative discipline and to a high degree of specialisation.
  • Practising lawyers who want to specialise in the niche field of digital legislation and innovation law.
  • In-house lawyers from technology companies.

Competences: Graduate profile

Students will acquire the following competences:

  • An understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the main innovative activities
  • A broader understanding of societal law, with special focus on:
    a. Creation processes
    b. Funding
    c. Investment
    d. Talent management
    e. Sales and purchases
    f. Equity imbalance and insolvency
    g. Internationalisation
  • Knowledge of the most relevant aspects of legal protection and exploitation of intangible assets
  • An understanding of the protection of rights in digital environments
  • An understanding of the characteristics of regulated activities
  • Knowledge of other subjects related to digital environments

Study programme and subjects 2022-2023

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Essential Issues in Startup Development Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 4
Supervised Activities Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 4
The Investment and Sale Processes of Startups Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 4
The Protection of Rights in the Digital Environment Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 3
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
  • Term: calendar period
  • (a): subjects which are taught in English

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