IV Seminar on Economic Evaluation of Medicines and Health Technologies

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The introduction of innovation into any healthcare system is a challenge that health providers, professional organisations and decision makers must face, in an environment of financial constraint.

The seminar on economic evaluation ("Economic Evaluation of Medicines and Health Technologies") offers the opportunity to understand how economic evaluation could help to inform better decisions on health policy in Spain, by sharing experiences with the United Kingdom. The UK is an established user of economic evaluation to inform healthcare decision-making.


The objectives of the programme are to transfer knowledge of the key aspects of economic techniques and tools applied to health and healthcare interventions, medications and devices and to provide an overview of the use of economic evaluation to inform decisions about healthcare at a worldwide level.

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First day

Thursday 27th June 2019

  • 12.30h - 13.00h - Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • 13.00h - 13.45h - Lunch (provided by UIC Barcelona)
  • 13.45h - 14.00h - Welcome and introduction to the training programme (Marta Trapero-Bertran)
  • 14.00h - 15.30h - Basic concepts in economic evaluation: Costing (Marta Trapero-Bertran)
  • 15.30h - 15.45h - Break/Coffee
  • 15.45h - 17.15h - Basic elements in economic evaluation (Marta Trapero-Bertran)
  • 17.15h - 17.30h - Break/Coffee
  • 17.30h - 18.30h - Invited speaker Jorge Mestre “Economic evaluation: where, how, what for, and its impact. A tour around Europe”



Second day

Friday 28th June 2019 

  • 9.00h - 10.30h - Basic concepts in economic evaluation: Outcomes -1 (Victoria Serra-Sastre)
  • 10.30h - 10.45h - Break/Coffee
  • 10.45h - 11.45h - Basic concepts in economic evaluation: Outcomes -2 (Victoria Serra Sastre) 
  • 11.45h - 13.15h - Costs (Mireia Jofre Bonet)
  • 13.15h - 14.00h - Lunch (provided by UIC Barcelona)
  • 14.00h - 15.30h - Modelling (Victoria Serra Sastre) 
  • 15.30h - 15.45h - Break/Coffee
  • 15.45h - 18.15h - Sensitivity Analysis & Decision Making (Mireia Jofre Bonet) 
  • 18.15h - 19.15h - Invited speaker Toni Gilabert / Néboa Zozaya ADMC: theory and practical applications)



Third day

Saturday 29th June 2019

  • 9.00h - 11.00h - Workshop: Appraisal of an economic evaluation in working groups (Marta Trapero Bertran)
  • 11.00h - 11.15h - Break/Coffee 
  • 11.15h - 13.15h - Practical workshop: presentation of the results (Marta Trapero Bertran) 
  • 13.15h - 13.30h - Closure
  • 13.30h - 14.30h - Lunch (provided by UIC Barcelona)




Dr Marta Trapero Bertran is the director of the Research Institute for Evaluation and Public Policies, researcher and professor at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona),


  • Professor Mireia Jofre-Bonet is Director of the MSc in Health Economics and the MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare at City, University of London.
  • Dr Victoria Serra-Sastre is a researcher and lecturer in Economics at City, University of London and a Visiting Fellow at LSE Health.


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