University Master's Degree in Healthcare Management - Official

Type of programme
Official masters
2 semesters
133,00 € / ECTS x 60 = 8.460,00 €* (1st year 2020-2021) *Subject to change each year
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Ana Sedano Martínez

The University Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management (MUGS) has helped to reinforce my theoretical knowledge on management, which has made our managerial duties easier to deal with, as well as giving us a theoretical foundation upon which to base our daily practice.

Master's Degree in Health Management
Ana Sedano Martínez
Jonathan Franco Vanegas

“I’m a specialist in Internal Medicine and I trained at the Bellvitge Hospital. Caregiving has always been my greatest passion. However, due to socio-demographic shifts in society, new technologies and new supply and demand healthcare systems, I decided to complement my training with the Master's Degree in Healthcare Management from UIC Barcelona, which helped me understand and acquire further knowledge about hospital processes, leadership and team management. This programme helped me to access positions such as my current jobs at Tres Torres and at the Duran i Reynals Social Healthcare Hospital.”

Alumnus from the University Master's Degree in Healthcare Management

Current coordinator of the department of Internal and Family Medicine at the Mi Tres Torres Clinic
Jonathan Franco Vanegas
Marta Guzmán Fernández

In my opinion one of its best points is the fact that people can do work placements in hospitals. In my case, I discovered a method of  management which was different to what I was used to and it was very interesting. I also met professionals from various fields of management who carry out their  daily work completely naturally  and transparently, which is something to be very thankful for.

Dra. Marta Guzmán Fernández, Cap de Servei d'Urgències Capio HGC
Master's Degree in Health Management


Managing and leading healthcare institutions, centres or services requires managerial training and preparation to be able to take on positions of responsibility and steer professional development in the right direction. 

The University Master's Degree in Healthcare Management in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UIC Barcelona offers this kind of professional training, thus adding value to your academic qualification. This official Degree Programme is recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area and is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in the Spanish Government and the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU). Since its creation in 2010, this master’s degree has helped train and qualify managers and directors in all areas and at all levels of both the private and public healthcare systems based on an international outlook. 

The curriculum aims to offer the training required to confidently take on managerial responsibilities that range from those inherent to general or business management, to managing administrative departments and primary care, hospital, social healthcare or mental health services or units. The programme also covers managerial training for the pharmaceutical, technological or private insurance sectors.

Why take our Master's Degree in Healthcare Management at UIC Barcelona?

  • This Official Master’s Degree is recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area.
  • A qualification that adds value to a previous official bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).
  • It is the only master’s degree in Healthcare Management with a practical module included in the programme.
  • Training in simulated scenarios at the Comprehensive Centre for Advanced Simulation at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • Prestigious and renowned lecturers and professors, many of whom hold doctoral degrees and are practitioners in executive roles in their respective fields. 
  • Schedule and timetables that are compatible with professional commitments.
  • Easy access to the Campus by public transport.
  • The best Final Master's Degree Projects will be selected for publication in scientific or trade journals, as well as receiving the University’s backing for their practical application should they be deemed to have a high translational value.
  • More than 200 students over 10 years with a high level of subsequent professional progression.
  • Student job bank.
  • Regular communication with the directors via the class representative(s). 

Aimed at:

Professionals from the healthcare sector interested in acquiring official training and a university qualification that will allow them to take on managerial and executive roles, or, in reinforcing their previous experience acquired in these positions.

Given the interdisciplinary and multi-professional nature of its managerial focus, this master’s degree is aimed at graduates in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Economics and Business Administration, Engineering, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Law, Biomedicine and Bioengineering.  

Programme objectives:

  • To equip students with the tools they need to tackle the basic elements of healthcare management, which involves understanding its context. As such, the first subject will teach students how to identify between the existing healthcare models and systems they might be working in, which healthcare policies it adheres to and how health economics can help in their analysis.
  • In the second subject, students will learn how to implement all management tools that are applicable to any healthcare organisation and in any context. Students will learn how to apply their knowledge and methodologies to manage economic, technological and human resources, and to communicate appropriately, use information systems and negotiation techniques, as well as devise strategic and business plans. All training will take the values of patient-focused healthcare and bioethics into account.
  • In the third subject, students will learn how to correctly manage processes in healthcare organisations’ centres, departments and units, building on their knowledge of instruments and methodologies learned during the previous unit, whilst mindful of the context at hand, which they are able to identify thanks to the knowledge acquired during the first subject.
  • The simulation exercises, which will be presented as scripted scenarios that recreate real-life situations, aim to expose students to exceptional, predictable and common situations, which every manager will undoubtedly face at some point in their career. 
  • Students will also complete work placements in healthcare centres that have been approved by La Unió, the Association for Social and Healthcare Centres (, which will give them the chance to put their theoretical knowledge of management into practice.

Study programme and subjects 2020-2021

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Models i Sistemes Sanitaris Type: OB Term: First semester ECTS: 4.5
Final Master's Degree Project Type: TF Term: Second semester ECTS: 16
Formació Pràctica Rotatoria Type: PR Term: Second semester ECTS: 7
Gestió dels Processos Type: OB Term: Second semester ECTS: 17
Gestió de les Organitzacions Sanitàries Type: OB Term: Annual ECTS: 15.5
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
  • Term: calendar period
  • (a): subjects which are taught in English

Prerequisites & admissions

Grants & financial aid

Final master's degree project

Students will use the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the master’s degree to write their Final Project. They will propose the subject of the Project themselves, which must be accepted by the Teaching Committee and supervised by one of the lecturers/professors on the master’s degree. The Final Project will take the form of an academic essay, which they must defend before an academic jury.