Type of programme
Postgraduate degrees
2 semesters
195,00 € / ECTS x 40 = 7.800,00 €* (1st year 2020-2021) *Subject to change each year
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Prospective students

Degree holders in:

  • Dentistry
  • Medicine (with a specialisation in Stomatology)


The aim of this clinical residency in paediatric dentistry is to cover the most important, practical and useful topics in paediatric dental practice: restorative and pulp treatments in temporary and young permanent dentition, managing the behaviour and sedation of paediatric patients, basic concepts in orthopaedic treatment, etc.

The clinical residency alternates theoretical classes with clinical case presentations, literature reviews and clinical practice with paediatric dental patients from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.


Oral health of babies, children, and adolescents affects the general health of the current child population and in the future adult population. The availability of dentists specialising in the prevention and resolution of the most common oral problems in the paediatric population is therefore essential. 

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya trains dentists and stomatologists with a clear objective: to allow them to specialise in the diagnosis, prevention and resolution of the most common oral problems in the paediatric population by way of theoretical and practical training.  


When commencing the course, students must bring:

  •  A laptop
  • SLR digital camera (Canon, Nikon, with a 100mm macro lens and macrolite ring flash macrolite or spotlights
  • Rotatory material: Turbine, adapter (*), contra-angle, hand piece, micromotor.
  • Digital X-rays for children
  • Intraoral mirrors and retractors for photographs 

(*) For the adapter, please check the model and that it is compatible.

To access the CUO, the student must bring:

— Personal protection face screen

— Full protection glasses, except in the case of wearing corrective glasses or magnifying glasses. In this case the full protection glasses are not necessary. All other material of special protection will be provided by the clinic.

Study programme and subjects 2020-2021

Subjects in course 1 Type Term ECTS
Clínical Residency Type: OB Term: Annual ECTS: 6
Preclinical Practice Type: OB Term: Annual ECTS: 2
Research in Paediatric Dentistry Type: OB Term: Annual ECTS: 2
Theoretical Seminar Type: OB Term: Annual ECTS: 6
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System
  • Term: calendar period
  • (a): subjects which are taught in English

Admission requirements

Admissions procedure

The admissions process comprises a weighted assessment of the applicant's academic transcript, personal profile and motivations and abilities based on the following criteria.

Required documentation

  1. Fully-completed pre-registration form.
  2. Certified copy of relevant degree certificate (with original)*.
  3. Academic qualification certificate (original or certified photocopy)*.
  4. A photocopy of your National Identity Document (DNI) or passport.
  5. Receipt of payment of € 90** by bank transfer.
  6. (UIC undergraduate students are exempt).
  7. Curriculum vitae including courses and conferences attended.
  8. Letter/s of recommendation (optional but recommended).

*Students from outside the European Union must ensure that both their qualifications and the titles of their degrees have been officially certified through diplomatic means or are supplemented by an apostille of the Hague. (The degree doesn't have to be officially recognised).

The candidates who are in the final year of their degree course must provide the transcripts they have at the date of registration.

**The administration fee for the application is non-refundable.

Please send your documents to:

Ms Cristina Junquera

Ms Paola Lago
Facultad de Odontología
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Edifici Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya
Josep Trueta, s/n
08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Grants & financial aid

Reserving a place

  1. People who have been accepted on the pertinent postgraduate programme will receive an admission letter subject to the payment of a sum of money to reserve their place (approximately 20% of the total cost of the programme).
  2. The reservation of a place is confirmed by making the payment within the time limit established in the admission communication.
  3. Once the reservation of a place is completed in the aforementioned manner, if someone does not fulfil – according to state or regional laws applicable at any given moment – the requirements for admission to the course, does not hold the required qualifications or the course does not go ahead through lack of registrations, UIC Barcelona will give a full refund of the amount paid to reserve the place.
  4. If students, of their own free will, renounce their place on the course for any reason, UIC Barcelona will keep the entire amount paid as compensation for the damages caused, with no obligation to repay the amount received in respect of reserving a place.
  5. If students do not confirm the reservation of their place, it will be interpreted as renouncing the place which will entitle UIC Barcelona, at that moment, to render the application null and void.
  6. Students must pay the total amount of the enrolment fees within the deadlines set by UIC Barcelona. By not doing so, once having been accepted, this will be interpreted as renouncing their place, in line with what is established in the foregoing points 4 and 5.
  7. If students have paid the full enrolment amount and then renounce their place, the following conditions will apply:
    1. If they do it before the start of the academic year they will have the right to reclaim a refund of 80% of the total amount paid, only if the vacant can be replaced by another student.

    2. In any case the amount will be refund if the student rejects to the place once  the course started.


Once official registration has been completed, students must pay any and all outstanding fees, as a single payment, within 10 working days.


Members of the UIC Alumni are entitled to a 5% discount.