Sedation, emergencies and venepuncture in Dentistry

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Dentists, as health workers, are sometimes forced to deal with sensitive situations that could jeopardise the health of their patients. These medical situations require practitioners to have and regularly update their knowledge and skills, incorporating into their repertoire the techniques, procedures and protocols that are constantly being revised by the scientific communities. Due to the ageing population and subsequent increase in systemic diseases, the chances of our patients experiencing emergency episodes during dental treatments, which are a source of great stress in and of themselves, has become significantly greater. In this sense, the incorporation of dental sedation techniques with high standards of safety, irrespective of the procedure, is a clear professional need. 

Course objectives

  • To update knowledge of systemic pathologies liable to result in an emergency situation
  • To learn how to handle risk situations efficiently and quickly
  • To describe and become familiar with the basic components of emergency equipment
  • To analyse the function of all members of a dental team in risk situations
  • To become familiar with and analyse the techniques and medicines involved in venepuncture and other routes for administering drugs, as well as basic and advanced CPR
  • To learn the sterilisation procedures necessary for optimising safety
  • To become familiar with the treatment and evacuation routes and codes in the event of an emergency
  • To update knowledge of applied pharmacology
  • To become familiar with cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • To learn how to use an AED


Competences to be acquired by students

  • The aim of the course Sedation, Emergencies and Venepuncture in Dentistry is to provide students the ability to handle emergency situations that could occur in a dentistry office, applying resuscitation techniques and managing drugs, with knowledge of crash trolleys, emergency codes and protocols and how to coordinate with other levels of care.
  • Students will make progress and vastly improve their level of dental care. This is a theoretical/practical course in which the students, once they have acquired the necessary knowledge, will put the relevant techniques and protocols into practice under the supervision of the lecturer, in both a simulation laboratory and real dental clinic.
  • By the end of the course, the students will be capable of using good judgement to resolve most emergency situations and all dental sedation needs, as well as derive patients to other levels of care correctly and efficiently when necessary.


Intended for

Sedation, Emergencies and Venepuncture in Dentistry is a programme intended for all practitioners (stomatologists or dentists) interested in updating and broadening their knowledge and know-how in situations of medical risk.


Prerequisites & admissions

Prerequisites for admission

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in Dentistry or be a Stomatologist.



Grants & financial aid


According to the programme chosen, students can consult all of the grants and funding available. For more information, please ask in the relevant faculty or department.

Financial aid

UIC Barcelona holds agreements with several banks to facilitate course funding with advantageous conditions. To view the conditions, click on the link below:


Members of UIC Alumni are entitled to a 5% discount. 




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