UIC Barcelona brings 20 years of the Vertical Workshop to the COAC

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This exhibition showcases posters from all editions and will be on display at the headquarters of the Association of Architects until 14 July

UIC Barcelona brings 20 years of the Vertical Workshop to the COAC

This year, the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture is commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Vertical Workshop, one of the academic year’s most unique events at the School, which takes place each year in early September. To mark the occasion, on 13 June, the School inaugurated the exhibition “20 Years of the Vertical Workshop: 20 Years Committed to Architecture”, curated by professor Manuel Arenas, alumnus Marta Delgado and student Sergi Viñals, which will remain on display at the headquarters of the Official Association of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) until 14 July. 

The exhibition features 25 A0-size posters and a large panel that gives an overview of all editions. In addition, a series of screens set up in the attic will broadcast testimonials from students and lecturers who have taken part in the workshop in recent years. The exhibit also includes a large vinyl banner by designer Eva Minguella, which graces the front of the Association of Architects, located mere metres from the Barcelona Cathedral.

Last Wednesday’s inaugural event began with words from the new president of the Barcelona Branch of the COAC, architect and School lecturer Sandra Bestraten, who welcomed the attendees on behalf of the institution. Bestraten was followed by the rector of UIC Barcelona, Xavier Gil Mur, who expressed his pride in a school that “strives to educate architects who are committed to society”. Afterwards, the director of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, Josep Lluis i Ginovart, took the opportunity to point out that “this inauguration at the COAC is a unique opportunity, in a privileged setting, under the work of Picasso, for the School of Architecture to launch a message of unity for the entire university community”. The event concluded with words from Manuel Arenas, the curator of the exhibition, and several of the lectures involved in organising the most recent editions of the Vertical Workshop, such as Vicenç Sarrablo, Carmen Mendoza and Iñaki Baquero. Other attendees included the vice-rector for Academic Organisation and International Relations, Jaume Armengou, and the secretary of the University Board of Trustees, María José Font Boix.

Ever since the beginning, the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture has sought to use the Vertical Workshop as a means of communication, dissemination and discussion. The success of this initiative has been magnified, particularly, thanks to the participation of world renowned architects, who, over the course of the workshop’s various editions, have introduced students to innovative, strategic and cross-disciplinary aspects of Architecture. “Datascape”, “Energía”, “Human Catastrophies”, “Agua”, “Acció al Carrer”, “Emotional City”, “Urban Making”, etc. are just some of the titles borne by past editions of the Vertical Workshop, all of which have been committed to current trends and today’s global social and political phenomena.