The IMMA Awards are the great event of the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Communication Sciences, and recognise the best academic work from the Bachelor's degrees in Journalism, Audio-visual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations.

The IMMA Awards were created in 2009 to reward the talent of students in the last year (4th year) of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication, though their Final Degree Projects (TFG). The 8th year of the awards (2017) included students doing the Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and in Advertising and Public Relations. In this way, the awards are now the major event of the year for the whole Faculty in which all the students can take part, competing against the best projects of the year before a professional panel of judges.

Throughout the ten years it has been held, the IMMA Awards has had the involvement of various well known figures from the communication sector, such as: Juan Antonio Bayona, film director; Laia Corbella, director of VIA Empresa; Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José, scriptwriters of Ocho Apellidos Vascos; Arturo Méndiz, producer of Cuerdas y Timecode; Edmon Roch, CEO of Ikiru Films, producer of El Niño o Atrapa la Bandera; Victor Curto, Vice-Dean of Publicity of the Association of Publicity and Public Relations, Alberto García, journalist at Tele 5 News; Àlex Gutiérrez. journalist of Ara; María Martín Aguado, a partner in Onza Comunicación or Gemma Corners, journalist and content media for SEAT.

11th Edition of the IMMA Awards 2020

Date: Thursday, May 13th 2020

Time: 6 p.m.

Place: Aula Magna  Barcelona Campus

Rules for entries 2021

These are the categories and awards for this edition:

  • Best TFG from the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication
  • Best TFG from the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism
  • Best TFG from the Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Best Academic TFG (of the three Bachelor’s degrees)
  • Best Miscellaneous Project in Audiovisual Communication
  • Best Miscellaneous Project in Journalism
  • Best Miscellaneous Project in Advertising and Public Relations
  • SPECIAL MENTION for Best Project with Values

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