Career opportunities

The primary purpose of the Careers Department is to make it easier for students to enter the professional job market. It handles job offers, advises on professional career development, guides students towards the best job positions and coaches them on the selection process and interview techniques.

In order to fulfil its commitments, the department performs the following duties:

  • The handling and publication of all the job offers received by the faculty.
  • Holding informative sessions on career opportunities.
  • Organising presentations given by firms and other legal institutions at the faculty.
  • Providing coaching sessions on the selection process and interview techniques.
  • Giving students advice on job offers and guidance on their professional career paths.
  • Helping students prepare their curriculum vitaes. The department also publishes an annual collection of our students’ CVs, which is distributed among the most important legal firms, companies and institutions in the country.
  • Providing information on activities, publications and websites related to finding employment in the professional job market.