International Relations

The predominant international focus of our university, together with the increasingly globalised nature of all economic activity, makes it essential to enable our students to gain the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive international exchange programme.

The ultimate aim of this programme is to ensure that each and every student of this faculty gets the opportunity to study a part of their degree at a foreign university. At the same time, we encourage students from overseas universities to come and study here at our faculty.

With this end in mind, we have established exchange and internship partnerships – through the framework set out by the Socrates-Erasmus programme - with European universities, as well as American institutions.

These are some of the universities with whom we have signed exchange partnerships:

  • Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (Roma, Itàlia)
  • Universität Augsburg (Alemanya)
  • Université Jean Moulin (Lió, França)
  • Université de Fribourg (Suïssa)
  • Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago de Chile)
  • Universidad de La Sabana (Bogotà, Colòmbia)

As a general rule, the exchange programme takes place during the fourth year of the degree course. Students who wish to apply for the programme must do so the year before, and must also fulfil all the selection requirements. The Faculty Board supervises both the development of the programme and the selection of candidates.

Another example of the international focus provided by this faculty is our participation in the Moot Court Competition. This prestigious competition involves approximately a hundred teams, made up of law students from different faculties around Europe, who must provide an oral defence of a hypothetical case.