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About us

Cuides - University Clinic of Support for Advanced Diseases and Palliative Care is an initiative of UIC Barcelona.

All the people who form part of the Cuides Clinic team seek to accompany and support patients and their families. We aim to give quality care to people with complex and/or progressive medical conditions, which involve changes in quality of life, family organisation and which ultimately affect all the members of the family.

The management of complex symptoms is our priority at any stage of cancer and non-cancerous medical conditions (complex chronic disease), starting with the diagnosis, the emotions arising from this first consultation, and the symptoms therein. At the Cuides Clinic we can meet these needs, through our experience in symptom control and psychological and social support.

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Often the concept of palliative care is used in a limited way, focused on the end of life. At Cuides Clinic, we reclaim our role in accompanying the patient throughout the disease, giving special support at times of crisis but also maintaining close and personal contact when the situation is stable, reaching out at all times to our patients and their families.

This support is carried out by means of different services: A hospital space (Cuides Clinic) that will be integrated within the Hospital Universitari General of Catalonia; a team who support other specialties, sharing guidelines and experience in the control of symptoms; external consultations, home care and a network of volunteers.

Our attention is not only aimed at those with the medical conditions. The professionals who make up the care team and the volunteers who assist them also offer psychological, emotional and bereavement support to families and other people close to the person who is ill.

The care model of the Cuides Clinic is centred on the person and their environment (families, caregivers). It includes advance directives as well as the activities of the WeCare chair in healthcare research, in order to raise awareness in the community regarding the needs and care of people at this time of their lives.

For these reasons we say that the Cuides Clinic offers preventive, early, comprehensive, and integrated care.

Professional team

Support and evaluation team - Symptom control

The Support, Evaluation and Symptom Control Team is a team that operates outside the Cuides Clinic, offering a specialist service to all the medical-surgical units at Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya. The team consists of a doctor, a nurse, and a psychosocial support team comprising a psychologist and a social worker.


The psychosocial support team or EAPS supports those with advanced chronic disease to ensure quality care, minimising impact, reducing the related emotional distress, and facilitating adaptation to the changes brought by the disease. The EAPS of the Cuides Clinic is part of the EAPS network of the La Caixa Foundation. There are currently more than 42 teams present through Spain's Autonomous Regions. They form part of non-profit organisations and are made up of doctors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, pastoral workers, and volunteers.

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Support and evaluation team - Symptom control

Dra. Natalia Iriarte
Medical Director
Clinic, medical and care manager of the Support and Evaluation Team.
Broad experience in managing medical complications and controlling symptoms in chronic diseases and cancer patients.

Dra. Mariona Guerrero
Director of care and responsible for quality and safety of patients.
Post-graduate in palliative care.
Official Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences.
PhD in health research.


Ingrid Ramo
Health psychologist.
Coordinator of Emotional Wellness and the Bereavement Care Programme.
Psychosocial and Spiritual Care Team. Obra Social “la Caixa” programme of integral care for people with advanced disease.
Master in Clinical and Health Psychology.
Postgraduate qualification in Psychosocial and Spiritual Care of People with Advanced Diseases.

Sílvia Mateu
Social worker.
Coordinator of Socio-Family and the volunteer and Compassionate Community programmes.
Psychosocial and Spiritual Care Team. Obra Social “la Caixa” programme of integral care for people with advanced disease.
Master in Ageing, Prevention and Integrated Care.
Postgraduate qualification in the Management of Home Services and in Social Intervention in the Area of Mental Health.


Dra. Natalia Iriarte
Medical Director of the Cuides Clinic

M. José Casas
Manager of the Cuides Clinic Master in Integral and Person-Centric Care in the Area of Ageing and Disability.
Official Master in Nursing Sciences.
Postgraduate qualification in Business Administration and Management.