The Vila-Saborit Foundation, Sagrat Cor Hospital and UIC Barcelona set up the Vila-Saborit Foundation Nursing Research Awards in 2016 with the aim of recognising the work of young researchers, promoting scientific excellence, supporting research in the field of nursing and disseminating research conducted in the field of nursing.

The awards have two categories.

A) Doctoral theses (biannual)

B) Final master’s degree subjects (organised every year)


Terms and conditions of the 5th edition of the Awards (2022)


The following people can be candidates:

A. Doctors of nursing who have defended their thesis in the last three years and who have obtained a cum laude award. They must attach their PhD certificate.  

B. Professionals who take a university (official) master’s degree and who have defended a research project within the context of a final master’s degree project (TFM) in the field of knowledge of nursing. They must have defended their TFM during the 2019/2020 or 2020/2021 academic year. Candidates must have obtained a minimum mark of 8. They must attach their academic record for the master’s degree they have taken.

The call is open to all the students enrolled for university master’s degrees offered by Catalan universities.

The projects must be unpublished and written in Catalan, Spanish or English. They can be related to any area of nursing knowledge.


Characteristics of the prize:


Type A: Doctoral theses: bi-annual call

  • First prize: €1,500
  • Second prize: €1,000
  • Third prize: €500

Type B: Final Master’s Degree Projects: annual call

  • First prize €1,000
  • Two runner-up prizes: €500 (each)

Deadline and location to deliver candidacies to:

Candidacies must be delivered as a hard copy to the secretariat for the awards, located on the Sant Cugat Campus of UIC Barcelona (calle Josep Trueta, s/n), or via email to addressed to María Vera, and must include the correctly completed paperwork in the required format.

The application period for candidacies begins on 2 September 2021 and finishes on 7 January 2022. Only proposals submitted in the correct format and before the stipulated deadline will be accepted.


Documentation and method of delivery:


Final Master’s Degree Project candidacies

The presentation of Final Master’s Degree Project candidacies must exclude any details that might identify the candidate. Candidates will submit the completed form for presenting Final Master’s Degree Project candidacies, which can be downloaded here, here or here Inside the same envelope must also be a completed and signed copy of your personal data protection document and a certificate accrediting a mark of excellent for the aforementioned project. All aforementioned documentation can also be sent via email to, and addressed to María Vera.

Your candidacy document must contain no more than 4,000 words (excluding annexes and the bibliography).


Thesis candidacies

In order to present thesis candidacies, you must submit the following documentation:

The completed and anonymous thesis application form, the personal data document and the thesis’ cum laude certification must be submitted inside an envelope. All documentation can be downloaded from the websites, and 

All aforementioned documentation can also be sent via email to, and addressed to María Vera.

Your thesis summary must contain no more than 6,000 words (excluding annexes and the bibliography). For thesis candidacies that have been submitted and defended as a compendium of publications, the proposed documentation must also be completed and should not exceed 6,000 words. It will not be valid to reference published articles as the anonymity of the thesis must be preserved at all times. Candidates must also describe the introduction, methodology, results, etc., in the document proposed as a model for the award.


Selection process:


The prizes will be awarded by a specifically assigned expert jury consisting of representatives of the following institutions:

  • The Vila-Saborit Foundation
  • Holders of PhDs in nursing (one member for each Catalan university that offers nursing degree programmes and master’s degrees)
  • Holders of PhDs in nursing who are also members of Catalan healthcare institutions
  • Experts in research from the Sagrat Cor University Hospital
  • The Barcelona Official Professional Association for Nurses (COIB)

The members of the evaluating jury will be made known on the following websites, and once it has been set up.

The jury's decision will be made public at the awards ceremony to be held on 25 March 2022.

Once the finalist candidacies have been defended in public in a final evaluation by the jury, the winners will be announced.

The Vila-Saborit Foundation, Sagrat Cor Hospital and UIC Barcelona reserve the right to disseminate the prizes awarded via another type of medium.

The jury’s decision cannot be appealed, and the prize can be made null and void if the theses presented do not meet the requirements considered necessary by the jury.

Candidates who do not present their thesis in the required format, who do not present the corresponding application form correctly filled in, or the documentation within the deadline and in the manner that has been specified, will be not be considered.


Dates for the 5th edition of the Awards:


  • From 2 September to 7 January 2022: Submission of candidacies
  • From 7 January to 15 March: Evaluation by the jury
  • 25 March at 5 p.m. Awards ceremony in the Auditorium on the UIC Barcelona Sant Cugat Campus


Secretariat for the awards


UIC Barcelona

Sant Cugat Campus

Calle Josep Trueta, s/n

Times: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3.30 to 5.30 p.m.

Contact details: María Vera

935 042 000