AIDIR Pere Virgili

The Nursing Care Teaching and Research Unit (AIDIR) was created by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in partnership with Pere Virgili Healthcare Park.

It is focused on health education activities for elderly people with multiple pathologies, their families and the entire community, with a view to making people more self-reliant and heightening their ability to care for themselves.

The unit is located in the Pere Virgili Healthcare Park.

Unit launched in September 2015.

Specific objective of the Pere Virgili AIDIR Unit

  1. To help patients, relatives and/or carers to deal with the most predominant health problems and/or geriatric syndromes that may appear after being released, and preparing them to prevent complications.


To provide services to the community. To train students in the new roles of nurses in teaching and research. To develop new research projects, generate knowledge and reassert the leadership role of nurses.


To promote the leadership role of nurses in promoting health, preventing illness and protecting health.


People and family as the centre of the healthcare system. Nursing professionals as the centre of our mission. Nurses as care leaders.

About us


  • Dr Cristina Monforte, Nursing director, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya 


  • Pedro Garzón, Nursing director
  • Luz Veiga, Nursing coordinator at Pere Virgili Healthcare Park


  • Head of research: 
    • Dr María Ángeles de Juan, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and Dr Albert Gallart, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Head of teaching: 
    • Dr Pilar Fuster, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Head of management: 
    • María Vera, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Unit Tutors and Nurses

  • Ester Moliner Serra
  • Mr José Manuel Bustelo Varea
  • Ana María Yuste Font

Aimed at

  • Chronic patients with multiple pathologies in the Pere Virgili Healthcare Park.
  • Family members and/or caregivers.
  • Community: associations, day centres, care homes...

What we do

  • Enhance patients' control over their own health process: self-care.
  • Reinforce behaviour that promotes health.
    • Healthcare education for family members and/or caregivers.
    • Educational reinforcement for both dependent patients and healthy individuals to promote health and self-care.
    • Create health education and promotion materials through sessions and workshops.

Our work method

  1. Nursing interview and assessment: need detection.
  2. Work plan: the main activities are led by Nursing students from UIC Barcelona.
  3. Assessment of the process and results.

Materials and methods

  1. Development of healthcare education materials via the Health Literacy model.
  2. Educational workshops in groups. 
  3. Personal attention. 
  4. Sessions with patients, family members and carers.