Topic of research

The area of interest in this group is the evaluation of the effects of different physiotherapy interventions related to the application of manual and instrumental techniques and active exercise.

In addition, in order to promote a safer and more effective clinic practice, another important objective is to design reliable, objective and reproducible evaluation strategies for neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions, which can occur in the different large groups of diseases (traumatological, rheumatological, inflammatory, respiratory or oncological). Also, prevention, active participation by the patient in the rehabilitation processes, and the promotion of their autonomy are key elements in any clinic context. Because of this, we will explore the possibilities of self-management of health by patients and the improvement of their health education.

Specific examples of recent projects in this area are the study on the effects of diacutaneous fibrolysis in the neuromuscular response, flexibility, strength, and mechanosensibility on ischiosural muscles in athletes. Another study examines the validity and reliability of the "System for evaluation and treatment of the cervical spine" for the measurement of neck muscle strength, which was derived from a patent created and registered by researchers from this group.

The main objectives are

  1. Evaluate the effects of various techniques of manual and instrumental physiotherapy in the neural, muscular, and articular tissue, as well as its impact at the level of the central nervous system.
  2. Designing strategies to reliably, objectively assess various neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions with methods that are easily reproduced, and incorporating technological tools.
  3. Design and analyse patient self-management health protocols aimed at improving function and promoting health.