Foros 2019 | Elisa Valero: "Neither more, nor less"

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On 11 March, architect Elisa Valero, the first woman to receive the prestigious Swiss Architectural Award, will give a presentation within the framework of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture Foros series, organised in collaboration with BBConstrumat.

Under the title “Neither more, nor less”, her talk will address the paradigm shift necessary for contemporary architecture while trying to “reduce the tragic effects of environmental degradation on the lives of millions of people and search for new ways of alleviating the crisis that the planet is suffering”. For Elisa Valero, who currently leads the research team RNM909 Efficient Housing and Urban Recycling at ETSA in Granada, “reducing the consumption of materials and energy is not only beneficial financially, but also ethically necessary for each person on this small planet where we live”. Under the premise of “what you know as a child, you recognise as an adult”, the architect also develops other lines of research around architecture for children and is part of Fundación Aladina, an organisation that provides comprehensive support to children and adolescents with cancer.

Foros, an annual series of conferences about architecture, presents this new edition under the title of “Identities”. The series programme aims to contribute to the debate around the concept of identity within contemporary architecture, strongly affected by current globalisation trends.

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Aula Magna
UIC Barcelona School of Architecture