The Institute for Multilingualism provides support and guidance to UIC Barcelona students and staff members who wish to improve their language skills. To do so, we offer the following services free of charge:

  • Diagnostic tests to identify each learner’s current language level:
  • Free advice from a language learning specialist in order to identify and set personalised learning objectives.
    • What is my current level? What does that mean?
    • How can I achieve a B2 level in English, or in French, German or Italian, before I finish my bachelor’s degree?
    • How can I achieve a C1 or C2 level in Catalan?
    • Which exam is best for me?
    • What options are available for learning in formal and non-formal settings?
    • Educational resources for autonomous learning that are designed to match the needs and preferences of each student.
    • Conversation groups and film club in English on the Sant Cugat Campus and language exchanges on both of the University's campuses.


For more information, come and see us at the Institute for Multilingualism or send an e-mail to