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Pedro Díaz Ridao, lecturer, professor and author of the book “Mejores Líderes”, will share with us how he approached his pre-university stage. Using highly inspiring messages, he will help us enhance talent and develop self-knowledge as an essential element of personal and professional growth.

These are some of the points that pedro will address at the conference:

  • The talent pyramid: a look at our potential.
  • How to develop our emotional intelligence to the maximum.
  • What skills will be most in demand in the next five years and how to train for them.
  • The importance of plan B and plan C.
  • Emotional management: how to minimize anxiety and stress.
  • Marginal gains: the importance of small changes.

Dates to enjoy the conference:

1 December 2022 (in the morning)

1 December 2022 (afternoon)

2 December 2022 (in the morning)

More information:

Ana Figuereo
+34 651 826 353