10 years since the first Link Event

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On Thursday 13 December a new edition of the LINK© event took place. This is the tenth year that UIC Barcelona has organised it. It was set up by the Innovation and Educational Quality Service and is open both to PAS and PDI staff.  The main aim behind it is the exchange of experiences and the transmission of good practices.

Group photo of the participants

The event began with a few words of welcome from the Vice-Rector for Academic Organisation and Teaching Staff, Dr Josep Clotet, where he looked back over the past ten years since this event began.

Subsequently Marta Crispí and Naghieli Amarista, who are the director and coordinator of the University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management respectively, then took the floor.  The coordinator described the challenges of the master’s degree taught in the Faculty of Humanities and talked about the "UIC Barcelona Culture Factory” project.

Jordi Alba and Jordi Miralbell presented the new Strategic and Social Projects Service which was created this year via the office of the rector.  Alba and Miralbell described the opportunities it offers to support the university community and its environment and the projects that are underway.

In relation to what is new this year, the new University Psychology and Psychiatry Clinic (Support) was presented. The person giving the presentation was no other than the clinic’s director, María Fernández Capo. The new clinic is already in place and can be contacted via telephone or email.  Further information can be found on the website.

Finally, Elena Santa María and Isabel García, from the Innovation and Educational Quality Service, presented the results of the 2018 PAS and PDI satisfaction survey.

The presentations were given in the usual manner, speakers had a maximum of 10 minutes to share their experiences.

The session ended with a talk by Javier Vidal-Quadras, assistant director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies and general secretary of the International Federation for Family Development.  Vidal-Quadras talked about “Being and experiencing family”.

Once the event was over a small Christmas gift was given out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event and to thank attendees for their participation.