Alumni organises a session on employment for Education students

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The talk served to explore ways to look for work and present CVs .

Alumni organises a session on employment for Education students

Numerous students will soon leave behind their university studies and jump feet first into the job market. A process for which the Alumni Department prepared an information session on 22 May for female students from the Faculty of Education. 

The session explored the numerous channels available for seeking employment, which include job advertisements, sending out CVs, attending sector-related fairs, becoming members of associations or institutions linked to the profession, work placements or the UIC Barcelona Alumni website. 

The organisers also stressed the need to analyse the market to pinpoint areas for job opportunities and evaluate potential positions. The Alumni representatives encouraged attendees to carefully study the offers to see whether they are really qualified for the position in question and if they can envision themselves performing the required tasks at the particular company or institution. 

They also raised the possibility of looking for work outside schools or educational settings. Alternative options mentioned include publishing companies that create teaching materials and corporate training departments. 

Promoting networking was another of the issues addressed during the session, which also focused on CV formats and the importance of looking after one’s personal brand.