Antoni Puigverd: “It is not successful people who are winners, but people who can look in the mirror without being ashamed of themselves”

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The writer and poet Antoni Puigverd, a columnist at La Vanguardia, was patron of the new graduates this year at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. At the graduation ceremony, held on 16 June, Puigverd encouraged the new graduates to be “brave in order to change things, without falling into the trap of established pragmatism.” 

The patron of the graduates started his speech by saying how much of an honour it was for him to be at an event “where we are talking about doing things properly, a value that has unfortunately been lost in this country”. Puigverd encouraged the recent graduates to be magnanimous, and aware of the role opening up ahead of them: “The responsibility of your actions will be much more important than a goal kicked by any footballer”, he said, referring to the disproportionate significance the media places on football and other leisure activities.

In that sense, despite the fact that “the adult world is generally quite a cold one”, he encouraged future communicators to feel like they want to change the world.  “Luck favours the brave -he said to them-; for that reason, you should aim to rejuvenate the newspaper you’re working at, or the advertising agency you’re working for. Don’t get involved right at the beginning with the established pragmatism, the time to lower your standards will come”. He also encouraged them to be honourable: “Remember that it is not successful people who are winners, but people who can look in the mirror without being ashamed of themselves.”

After a few words from the class representatives from each of the three bachelor’s degree programmes in the Faculty, Alfonso Méndiz, the Dean of the Faculty, talked about the essential traits that these new graduates already have: a love for truth, hopeful and radical optimism and professional excellence placed at the service of society.  “Dream - he told them -; dream a lot and dream big. And always come back, every year. And your gratitude should last at least until your silver wedding anniversary”.