Belén González, an Audiovisual Communication student, directed a short film called “Mai”

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Our second year Audiovisual Communications student, Belén González, worked as a production manager on the short film called “Mai”, directed by Marta González.

Belén González, an Audiovisual Communication student, directed a short film called “Mai”

Between 30 March and 2 April the “Latin-American Film Festival” will be held in Lleida, and the short film “Mai” will be screened there.  The screening will take place during the closing ceremony, on Sunday 2 April, the most important moment of the festival. 

Belén, who is only 19, was production manager for this short film that was made last summer and said that “if it were not for Remaking and the huge amount that Sonia (her Audiovisual Communications lecturer) taught me and her advice, this short film would not have happened.  I’m excited to share my satisfaction due to working to create a project we made for the love of art and for it to then be valued.  This is when you really realise that it is worth dreaming while you are awake”.

“Mai” is an independent production and the first film by Marta González, who received support from Magical Media, Lleida City Council and Sucs City Council as the main patrons.


Sucs, 2017. Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are three ladies who spend every afternoon on a bench on the street corner. The arrival of a mysterious female couple in the village becomes the main topic of conversation between the three friends. From their strategic position, they greet passers-by while talking about the origin, age and lifestyle of the new arrivals. Their conversation takes a new turn when they uncover certain events from their past that they have not managed to forget.

Main actors

Aida Flix, Aida Qui, Maria Pijuan, Olga Massot, Marisol Lavín and Francesc De Dios


Marta González 


Marta González


Marta González


Belén González and Joel Roure