David Aguilar receives the Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering Innovation Prize

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Young David Aguilar, who built an articulated arm with pieces of Lego, has now had his ingenuity and drive for self-improvement awarded through this prize, given to him by Dr Xavier Gil, rector of UIC Barcelona.

“I built my first articulated arm with pieces of a helicopter I’d made from Lego pieces. After that I made a more advanced version that adapts to my shoulder and gives me more movement”, explained David Aguilar.  The young student, who expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the prize, showed an interest in the Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering.

Awarding the Innovation Prize to David Aguilar took place as part of a masterclass given by Dr Xavier Gil, rector of the university, to Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering students.  The masterclass, entitled “Osseointegrated and antibacterial dental implants” forms part of the series of lectures organised by professor Mireia Hoyos within the biomaterials and biocompatibilty subject in this new degree programme.