Doctor Judith Urbano, new Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

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The Rector has named Doctor Judith Urbano Lorente the new Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona, thus replacing Dr Teresa Vallés. 

Doctor Judith Urbano, new Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Judith Urbano holds a PhD in Art History from the Faculty of Geography and History in the University of Barcelona (2011) and received a qualification as an Officer for Tourism Companies and Activities from the School of Mediterranean Tourism (1994).

Urbano has been working at UIC Barcelona since 1997, when she started as an associate lecturer in the Higher Technical School of Architecture (ESARQ). In 2008 she became the Assistant Director of the School, a position she held until 2014.

“Taking on this role is a big responsibility which I look forward to with great enthusiasm”, she stated. “I have plenty of ideas for things to do, projects to start, things to contribute; to make sure that everyone, professors and lecturers, students and PAS all get involved and feel proud to be part of the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Humanities”.

The field of humanities “has great potential” - added Urbano.  “Although it is a small Faculty, it offers classes to all the faculties at UIC Barcelona; its cross-disciplinary nature was planned for right from the beginning. That brings a human aspect to all the students in our university: it is a unique programme in the Catalan university system”.