Three doctoral students from the Bioengineering Institute of Technology participate in BiomedPhD Day

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This aim behind this conference organised by and for researchers who are preparing for their doctoral degree is to promote an exchange of ideas and research results from research undertaken in the field of Biomedicine and Bioengineering

On 18 January, Èlia Bosch, Bárbara Giordano and Leire Díez, all of them doctoral students at the Bioengineering Institute of Technology at UIC Barcelona, participated in the third edition of the BiomedPhD Day. The event, held in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Barcelona, involved conferences with renowned speakers from the Bio-Med sector, as well as participatory workshops.  Also, this year once again the event offered participants the opportunity to present their work in the form of a poster or a spoken presentation.  
Èlia Bosch, Bárbara Giordano and Leire Díez, researchers from the Bioengineering Institute of Technology at UIC Barcelona who are currently preparing for their doctoral degrees, were selected to present their work at the event.   
In her presentation entitled “Engineering blood vessel-like structures for tissue engineering”, Èlia Bosch  resented the preliminary results of a study on the development of blood vessels in vitro through a new methodology developed by the group, which allows for the creation of these structures instantaneously.  “This was the first conference I had participated in and the experience was helpful for me to become more confident and also learn about the new applications of biomaterials in other areas” said Bosch.  
Leire Díez presented a poster entitled “Development of collagen membranes to enhance guided bone regeneration” where she presented the way in which membranes have the ability to promote bone regeneration through the modulation of the inflammatory response. “It was very interesting to be able to meet other doctoral students from other bioengineering research groups and from other areas related to biomedicine.  I was able to gain a broader overview of what is currently happening in these fields” she admitted.  
Through her paper entitled “Therapeutic bioactive microcarriers for bone tissue engineering in Dentistry”, Bárbara Giordano presented the preliminary results of the development of bone regeneration biomaterial in the field of dentistry. In the words of Giordano, “participating in this event was a great opportunity to present our project for the first time and learn about the research topics being explored by other doctoral students”.