Doctors Desiree Abellán and Lucía Barallat from the Faculty of Dentistry attend a symposium in Sweden

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Doctors Desiree Abellán and Lucía Barallat, from the department of Periodontics in the Faculty of Dentistry, attended the fifth Jan Lindhe International Symposium “Looking to the future of periodontal/implant therapy” held in Gothenburg, Sweden, between 5 and 7 May. 

Internationally renowned speakers, each representing different fields of specialisation, providing new knowledge and critical analysis of the future of periodontal/implant therapy”. During the symposium Dr Desiree Abellán presented a paper entitled 'Physical andMechanical EvaluationofFiveSutureMaterials onThree Knot Configurations: an In-Vitro Study’ and Dr Lucía Ballart presented a paper on 'Radiographic and Histological Evaluation of Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral vs. Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral with 10% Collagen in Ridge Preservation. A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial'.

Abellán and Ballart were awarded two SEPA Hu-Friedy grants, worth €1.200 each, which allowed them to attend the symposium.  The main objective of this grant is to promote training for young professors and researchers in periodontal/implant therapy.