Dr José Nart and Dr Federico Hernández-Alfaro take part in two of the working groups at the 15th European Workshop on Periodontology

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Co-organised by the European Federation of Periodontology and the Osteology Foundation, this gathering is one of the most prestigious international events in the field of dentistry

From 11-14 November, 75 European academics and researchers in the field of periodontology and oral surgery met in La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia) to update scientific knowledge in the areas of biology and bone regeneration. The meeting also sought to establish and reach a consensus on clinical treatment guidelines for bone regeneration for the coming years on an international scale.
Present in the workshop were Dr José Nart and Dr Federico Hernández-Alfaro, professors in the Faculty of Dentistry and leading names in their respective fields. Dr Nart, head of the area of Periodontology and the Faculty’s vice-dean of Research, took part in working group number 3, which addressed the decision-making process following tooth extraction, entitled “Extraction Socket Management”, and, more specifically, in the sub-working group “Immediate Implants”. As for Dr Hernández-Alfaro, the head of the Area of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine and Pathology took part in working group number 4, “Bone Regeneration in Alveolar Ridge Defects”, and the sub-working group “Vertical Regeneration”, which analysed regeneration in major alveolar ridge defects. 
The consensus documents and the clinical recommendations resulting from the workshop will soon be published in a special open-access supplement of the European Federation of Periodontology’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology, one of the top five highest impact journals in dentistry.