Faculty of Dentistry Attends SEPA Youth Congress

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The UIC’s Faculty of Dentistry has taken part in the 10th edition of the SEPA Youth Congress, which is organized by the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration. The event was held in Santiago de Compostela on Friday and Saturday, 7-8 November 2014.

Faculty of Dentistry Attends SEPA Youth Congress

Once again, the Faculty of Dentistry has taken part in the SEPA Youth Congress. On this occasion, the scientific conference focused on the contribution made by soft tissue to the success of multidisciplinary treatment.

Students from the UIC presented a total of seven posters: three created by undergraduate students and four by students from the University’s master’s programmes.

In the category of clinical posters, two of the UIC’s entries were selected as finalists: one, by master’s students M. Martí, G. Maino, L. Barallat, R. Galindo, A. Molina, V. Ruiz-Magaz, A. Santos and J. Nart, was titled “Corticotomy in Adult Orthodontic Treatment: A Clinical Case”; while the second was designed by undergraduate students A. Romero, B. Paniagua, J. Nart and J. Basilio and was titled “Interdisciplinary Treatment of the Upper-Anterior Sector: A Case Study”.

The congress, which celebrated its 10th edition this year, featured a number of well-known speakers from the world of dentistry, including Drs. Patricia Solano, Laurence Adriaens, Nacho Sanz-Martín, Jon Gurrea, Rafael Naranjo and Josune Antía.