A group of students from Coventry takes part in a workshop about the SDGs at UIC Barcelona

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On 15 May a group of 80 students from Coventry University took part in the “Workshop Empowering University Students in the Resolution of the SDGs” organised by the UIC Barcelona Sustainability Office.

A group of students from Coventry takes part in a workshop about the SDGs at UIC Barcelona

The session began with an introduction from the lecturer Sílvia Albareda, the head of this Office. In this first section, she shared several cases where UIC Barcelona students have worked towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the transversal sustainability workshop organised at the University each year. 

Following this, the students Cecília Mena and Carla Vidal, students in the Education Faculty, presented the research they had conducted on issues connected with certain SDGs and that they had presented at the different editions of the Cross-Curricular Sustainability Workshop. 

The same students then led a practical workshop for the Coventry students to work on the SDGs. The students were divided into groups of three or four and had to think about possible day-to-day activities focused on resolving a specific goal (out of the 17 SDGs) that they had been assigned within a maximum time of 10 minutes. When they finished, they had to share their reflections and proposals for improvement with the other groups. The purpose of the workshop was to raise students' awareness of the need to be involved in meeting the SDGs in a concrete way.

During their visit to the city of Barcelona the Coventry students were working on the SDGs approved by the UN. They therefore contacted the UIC Barcelona International Relations Department to organise a workshop on the issue in the University. The two universities have a signed collaboration agreement.