Juan Gonzalo Olivieri, one of our lecturers from the Faculty of Dentistry, participates in “Dentists4refugees” in Greece

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The lecturer from the Faculty of Dentistry, Juan Gonzalo Olivieri, took part in the “Dentists4refugees” project, which provides oral care to a large number of refugees and creates a prevention plan mainly focused on children and women in Greece. 

A group of institutions and NGOs, including the Official Society of Dentists and Stomatologists of Catalonia (COEC) set up this project, and believe that it is extremely necessary for refugees This is because Oral Health is not covered in Greece’s public healthcare system. 

Gonzalo Olivieri is a member of the working group for the social committee of the COEC.  UIC Barcelona holds an agreement with this society and sends students there to undertake clinical work experience. Over the past few months this group has become involved in the D4R (Dentists For Refugees) project. Another lecturer from the Faculty of Dentistry, Andrés Aliaga, has also joined the group.

Every fifteen days, groups of volunteers travel to the refugee camps in Greece to provide them with good quality oral healthcare.  Since 11 February this year, different groups of experts in the field of dentistry have been travelling to Athens, and the initial intention is for the project to continue to do so until February 2018.