The Faculty of Law looks in depth into the codification of canon law with professor Miguel Sánchez Lasheras

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Miguel Sánchez Lasheras, a professor from Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile) visited UIC Barcelona in October. During his visit he gave a seminar and a conference at our Faculty of Law. 

On Thursday 19 October, this guest professor gave a seminar to professors entitled “The challenges of the codification of canon law, 100 years later”, where they reflected on the meaning of the legal system in the Catholic Church in the XXI century. Based on the historical and legal background of the codification of canon law in 1917, professor Sánchez asked a series of questions about current affairs that led to a discussion among those attending the seminar.  Among other issues, the dialogue between canon law and secular law was discussed, as well as the apprehension that exists in the Church in relation to its own law and potential “contradictions” with pastoral law; or the current situation in relation to specific areas such as criminal law and matrimonial law.

Additionally, professor Sánchez gave a talk to students taking a subject entitled “State ecclesiastic law and canon matrimonial law”.  On this occasion the issue covered was “Cooperation between the state and religious denominations: tools and goals” which was tackled from a comprehensive and comparative perspective.  Emphasis was placed on the fact that religious freedom is a fundamental right - the number one right - and therefore, the fact that states respect and promote this right is essential. Nevertheless, the way this right is protected varies depending on the various legal traditions, with a focus on historical and cultural reasons or legal sociological criteria and/or political opportunity. He also underlined the fact that the Spanish cooperation model for religious denominations has been replicated in some countries, mainly in Latin America.