The lecturer María Victoria is awarded a grant from the Charlemagne Prize Academy

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Maria Victoria, lecturer of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, has received a grant from the German Charlemagne Prize Academy, to conduct a one-year research project on the future of Europe. Maria Victoria was chosen from more than a hundred applicants, from 30 different countries.

The lecturer María Victoria is awarded a grant from the Charlemagne Prize Academy

On 14 November, the Karlspreis Europe Summit and award of the Charlemagne Prize was held in Aächen, Germany. The UIC Barcelona lecturer Maria Victoria was one of the five people selected from among a hundred and fourteen participants from all over the world to present their projects at a press conference. The President of the Foundation and the Minister-President Armin Laschet (President of the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia) made the official award of the grants.

The Foundation is providing funding of € 25,000 for the project presented by the lecturer of Communication and the project will be carried out over the next 12 months, from November to November.

The research is about the role that public media are playing in the formation of public opinion regarding Brexit in the UK and on the independence process in Catalonia. The aim is to ascertain how the British and the Spanish media systems can avoid polarisation and misinformation of the audience, while fostering trust in the media and its political involvement.

The objective of the Charlemagne Prize Academy is to connect young scholars with politicians in the European Parliament, so that our research can influence the development and the improvement of the European Union.